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Michael Schröter
Michael Schröter

Michael Schröter, hoarding disorder expert and business owner, has been working with his company for more than 15 years mainly in the Greater Munich and Upper Bavaria area, but increasingly also throughout all of Germany and Austria, both for private individuals, as well as for offices, care societies, and non-profit institutions.

For this reason, we have a lot of experience working in hoarders’ apartments and houses, especially in dealing with people affected by compulsive hoarding and their relatives.

Our team of Hoarders’ Helpers consists of experienced, empathic, and respectful employees who remain patient and friendly even under the most difficult working conditions--because we know that it takes trust to let strangers into one’s own (hoarder’s) apartment. Among our customers are, amongst others, the Malteser Hilfsdienst gGmbH, the district of Upper Bavaria, social housing in Munich, social welfare offices, social psychiatric services, and legal advisors.

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Your Team of Hoarders’ Helpers

Our Team of Hoarders’ Helpers makes sure that trash is separated when cleaning up.

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