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When working in hoarders’ apartments, we take discretion very seriously.

Since we know how important discretion is to our clients when cleaning their apartments, we have dedicated an entire page on our web site to the topic of discretion. Discreet tidying up does not just mean that we do not respond to queries from neighbors while we clean up a hoarder’s apartment, but that we rather provide a neutral reason for our work, and also that we are visually not recognisable (e.g., no uniforms, no signage on our vans, etc.) as Hoarders’ Helpers.

Because discretion is particularly important, there is also the possibility that we, for example, hide garbage bags in moving boxes so that the content is not visible. In addition, we keep your personal data confidential, so that you can begin a really liberated life in beautiful premises after we have successfully tidied up.

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