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Helping and cleaning up – discreet, respectful and empathic.
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Clean up hoarders’ appartments and basic cleaning.
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Your Team of Hoarders’ Helpers:
We make hoarders’ dwellings habitable again

Our clean-up helpers support you to regain full use of your living space

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General information about so-called hoarding disorder: The term “hoarder” is derived from the English word "to hoard," which means "obsessively collecting." It is important to note that not all hoarders’ dwellings are affected by hoarding, but some of them are affected by something called “trashing” disorder, meaning that trash accumulates in all living spaces. Furthermore, some dwellings are mixed, combining the features of hoarding and trashing. It is estimated that up to 5% of all households in Germany are problematic housing situations (appartments full of trash; hoarders’ appartments and buildings).

Every person affected by compulsive hoarding or trashing disorder is different. For this reason, there is no universally valid answer for achieving a "liberated" life. We, your team of Hoarders’ Helpers, discuss together whether and how to best clean up your place and what should be done with the items that are no longer needed. What is still useful for others will be given to charities. Donating to charitable institutions gives both us and those affected by hoarding disorder a good feeling. Things that neither the hoarding resident nor charitable organizations need are disposed of by us in a professional and environmentally conscious way.

Help for those Struggling with Compulsive Hoarding - Current news:

We invite all people affected by Hoarding Disorder to the monthly Hoarders Breakfast in Gauting. The next breakfast is 28 March 2020 at 10 a.m. in our office (Hauptplatz 1, side entrance at the Würm bridge, 82131 Gauting, near Munich). We offer coffee, rolls with various spreads, as well as white sausages, pretzels and beer (also alcohol-free beer). On the one hand, the meeting is intended to enable those affected by compulsive hoarding to get to know each other and, on the other hand, to exchange thoughts and ideas. Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or mail (info(*at*)messie-hilfe-team.de) to make a reservation. Of course, we are also very happy if you show up spontaneously. There will no costs to you. Please note that there is no Hoarders Breakfast in August and December.

NEW: Affected persons from the Nuremberg area have the opportunity to travel free of charge to the Hoarders Breakfast in Gauting (near Munich) with the Hoarders’ Helpers’ breakfast car-pool. If you are interested, please call or send us an email.

Affected people share their stories ....

... about their fears. “Sure, fear was my constant companion. Only this year I heard the phrase that the opposite of love is not hate but fear. How true. And in this fear, one is no longer worth anything to oneself, is bashing oneself, feels like a failure, places others on a pedestal. The fear of being discovered as a hoarder. Sometimes the fear was so strong that I got sick, I could not get up, was stripped of all my strength.”

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We work by our motto: Help and clean up while being discreet, respectful, and empathic

We offer you our professional services - which include telephone consultations, hoarders’ appartment clean-up, and basic cleaning--in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In doing so, we not only clean up dwellings, but also respond individually to the needs and wishes of each resident.


Their own shame can keep many people afflicted by hoarding disorder from contacting Hoarders’ Helpers for months, sometimes even years. We assure you that, despite a problematic housing situation, we treat our clients with respect and empathy. We are grateful to our clients for giving us so much trust and letting us be the first people to enter their home, oftentimes for many years.

Why we don’t just clear out hoarders’ dwellings:

Thanks to our many years of experience with problematic housing situations in Germany and Austria (e.g., in Munich, Salzburg, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Ulm, Freiburg, Cologne), it has been shown that an ordinary hoarder’s appartment clear-out only rarely leads to a long-term improvement in a problematic housing situation. That is why we have developed a process for how our Hoarders’ Helper specialists gradually improve the condition of the apartment step by step, together with the affected persons, concerning both the look and the smell of the affected dwelling.

We enable you to start a new, liberated life:

Many people who are compulsive hoarders want to clean up their home or house, whether because of their children, their social environment, or for health reasons (appartments full of trash offer ideal conditions for bacteria, cockroaches, and other pests). However, very few people are able to make their own apartment habitable again by themselves. This is where we help you with our professional services that enable you to live in a habitable environment again and enjoy a fresh start - a new life.

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