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Cleaning up of a hoarder’s appartment

Help with cleaning up:

We will support you to clean up your hoarders’ or trashed apartment and carry out a basic cleaning, if desired. Our understanding and compassionate approach with the person concerned distinguishes us from ordinary decluttering companies.

In a preliminary interview in the apartment / house, the course of the work is discussed in detail, so that the person concerned can adjust to the working days. Here, the resident can also decide how many workers should carry out the work. Most people wish a maximum of two Hoarders’ Helpers to carry out the work so that the resident can follow the clean-up process closely. Furthermore, we do not throw anything away that is of value. Unnecessary clothing is donated to charities.

In case you have any questions concerning our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us, also anonymously if desired, either by telephone (089 - 87 57 90 61) or by e-mail (info(*at*)messie-hilfe-team.de).

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Cleaning up of a hoarder’s appartment

We arrive with a neutral vehicle, so we cannot be recognized as a Team of Hoarders´ Helpers.

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