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asked questions by people with hoarding syndrome

Frequently asked questions by people with hoarding or trash disorder and their relatives:

Do you come with an un-marked vehicle?

Yes, as most of our customers want us to do our work discreetly, we can not be recognized as Hoarders’ Helpers by our vehicle or our work clothing.

What is the cost of the apartment visit and the first consultation?

The first visit to the hoarders’ or trashed appartment and a subsequent written estimate are free of charge and without obligation.

Can you carry out an order in a timely manner?

Yes. In most cases, we can carry out the work promptly.

Can you carry out the work as discreetly as possible so that my neighbors notice as little as possible?

Yes, we try very hard. When we are approached by neighbors, we say that we are carrying out renovations work or any other reason the customer tells us.

Do you have experience with dealing with people affected by compulsive hoarding? Can you empathize with a person with hoarding disorder?

Yes, we do that very well, since we have not only many years of experience in practice, but also because we continually take part in specialist seminars and seminars at the First German Hoarders’ Academy, in order to educate ourselves concerning the topic. With this combination, we have been able to acquire a lot of expertise to understand people with hoarding disorder and thus carry out our work optimally. However, our most important "key" is our compassion.

Do you do a basic cleaning after the clean-up?

Yes, we are happy to carry out a basic cleaning on request. In most cases, it’s requested.

Please note:

The first step is the most important for those affected by compulsive hoarding: Give us your confidence and invite us to your apartment, so that we can get to know each other and talk about your wishes and our possibilities to help.

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